Marina Aleksandrovna Sinegub

Dr. Sinegub is a high-profile dental therapist. She explains she has chosen Atis Faber Clinic of advanced dentistry because of the highest level of trust that appears there between a doctor and a patient. Dr. Sinegub believes that each expert of the clinic is very particular about their performance and does their best to address the needs of every patient. She is inspired by the ability to share her talent with people.

My field of work – dental therapy – requires a specialist to acquire various skills. Dental therapy is a basis of dentistry and I see patients with most common dental issues.

I cannot image my work without constant development and our senior experts at Atis Faber Clinic set an amazing example for me. Recently I attended professional workshops that covered the advanced techniques of root canal therapy, minimum invasion esthetic teeth rehabilitation and endodontic treatment. I devote myself to a work process, which lets me improve as a specialist without putting my practice on pause. My patients notice that.

I believe trusting relationships to be the most important thing in medical practice. When I am with a patient I try to cover every detail of the procedure to avoid misunderstanding. Thanks to Atis Faber Clinic I work with exceptional equipment that saves me a lot of time and I can both focus on treatment and address my patient’s fears and doubts. I am proud we remain friends and partners with our patients at Atis Faber Clinic after their procedures.”

Being a dentist is not just a job, but a way of life.

Atis Faber Clinic employs top dental practitioners to restore, correct and enhance your smile:

Aleksandr Klinov

Head doctor, oral surgeon, implant surgeon

Olga Dostovalova

Candidate of Medical Science, dental therapist, prosthodontist, orthodontist, gnathologist

Aram Davidyan

Visiting Professor, implant surgeon, prosthodontist

Natalya Ozeranskaya

Dental hygienist

Marina Sinegub

Dental therapist

Stanislav Gladkov

Dental prosthodontist