Aleksandr Nikolayevich Klinov

Dr. Klinov is a head doctor of Atis Faber Clinic of advanced dentistry, dental surgeon of highest qualification, maxillo-facial surgeon, implant surgeon; founder and first president of ITI Study Club in Chelyabinsk. He specializes in implantological treatment in complex clinical conditions.

About Dr. Klinov

My name is Aleksandr Nikolayevich Klinov and I hold the position of a head doctor at Atis Faber Clinic of advanced dentistry. I specialize in implantation and maxillo-facial surgery and have over 15 years of experience.

The most important thing in medical practice is the ability to predict the results. A patient expects a fine result that only a well-trained and qualified specialist can deliver. With this in mind I aim for constant profession growth and help my team do the same.

I am drawn to challenging tasks I face in dental surgery. After tens of field-specific courses and trainings I know that every case is a test of my professional skills, so I always aim at combination treatment and never delegate my assistants to deal with routine work. This way I can ensure the quality of my surgeries and I have performed more than five thousand of them.

Success in implantology depends on both doctors and used technologies. I have chosen products of NobelBiocare brand, a lead manufacturer of implants and implementer of advanced dental technologies, already in 2006. With the help of groundbreaking systems designed by NobelBiocare and my personal experience I achieve great results in the most complex clinical conditions.”

In 2016 Dr. Klinov performed a unique surgery using Zygoma (cheek-bone) implants. It was a defining moment for local dentistry, which enabled anyone to receive treatment and get beautiful smiles and self-confidence, impossible to achieve through classical methods of dental implantation.

You cannot put a price on life and you are already living it. Take care of yourself today.

All reviews

16 October 2015

Irina V. Korneva

This place is amazing! I am very grateful to everybody who works here. Receptionists Yekaterina and Kristina are very friendly. I fully trust doctors working here plus they are all so good-natured. I am especially grateful to Dr. Klinov and Dr. Kreskovets! They are simply the best! This place is indeed a clinic of advanced dentistry.

18 Martha 2015

Irina V. Krivosvetlichnaya

Amazing atmosphere! As soon as I walked in my surgeon met me and I felt so welcomed. Thank you, Dr. Klinov, for your exceptional work! All my new teeth are so natural I never think about them! Best of luck!

11 Martha 2015

Irina A. Fefelova

Dr. Klinov, thank you so much for the amazing work! This talent of yours is a god-given! With love and respect.

11 Martha 2015

Natalya Y. Savinova

Superb! I am especially grateful to Dr. Klinov – he's got a real gift. He is so sensitive and thoughtful. Keep it this way!

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