Olga Andreyevna Dostovalova

Dr. Dostovalova is a founder and an executive general manager of Atis Faber Clinic of advanced dentistry, a well-known dental therapist, prosthodontist, orthodontist and gnatologist. She has implemented the latest European methods of dental care that she had learnt from Pr. Rudolf Slavicek in the University of Vienna. Dr. Dostovalova has significant expertise in three different areas of dental practice and provides solutions to the hardest medical problems.

About Dr. Dostovalova

I did not decide to found Atis Faber Clinic on an impulse. It is my contribution to dentistry. With over 25 years of practice I have always aimed to develop professionally and do my best to contribute to my occupation. My commitment to be the best has become a basis for a new clinic.

One cannot gain any considerable experience without having an extensive theoretical base. I spend a lot of time on my professional education. I attended 37 trainings and conferences where world-class specialists discussed trends of dental rehabilitation, up-to-date technologies of dental reconstruction and details of orthodontic care. I use may knowledge at practice to improve my patients' health.

I love medicine for there is no limit to growth and development. It applies both to personal expertise and a clinic in whole. With this attitude to my vocation I have completed a professional training in the University of Vienna taught by Dr. Rudolf Slavicek, father of modern gnathology. My unique experience bears its fruits: I am proud to say that Atis Faber Clinic is the only place in the region where you can consult a gnathologist.

I have valuable experience in three different areas of dental practice, which makes me more trustworthy as a professional in the eyes of my patients and allows me to analyze the cases I get more profoundly. I find it important to help patients deal with their dental issues and maintain their health if not for the lifetime, but at least for a very prolonged period.”

Being a doctor is my childhood dream.


Сертификат участника курса Венской школы «Все о малокклюзии»

All reviews

23 Martha 2016

Olga L. Chernobylskaya

I am extremely grateful for the top-quality treatment, but I also need to stress how kind and friendly everybody is. I forgot all about the pain! I feel I will not just come here for treatment but return to the affable staff! Best of luck!

09 Martha 2016

Tatyana M. Gerber

I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and cheerful, especially Vera and Kristina. I am very grateful for the service!

06 Martha 2016

Tatyana V. Larkina

Dr. Dostovalova, thank you, thank you so much! Everything was so thought-out and top-quality! You are such an amazing professional! Everybody now wants to know where I got treatment. My best wishes to you!

16 October 2015

Galina I. Sigai

I am so thanful to Dr. Dostovalova for being so considerate, so responsible, kind and professional! I wish you the best of luck in your work and personal life. With warm regards from our entire family.

21 February 2015

Vasily A. Stolyarov

This place is just unique at everything – amazing doctors, great atmosphere and even the design is special. I highly recommend this clinic! Thank you so much!

Atis Faber Clinic employs top dental practitioners to restore, correct and enhance your smile:

Aleksandr Klinov

Head doctor, oral surgeon, implant surgeon

Olga Dostovalova

Candidate of Medical Science, dental therapist, prosthodontist, orthodontist, gnathologist

Aram Davidyan

Visiting Professor, implant surgeon, prosthodontist

Natalya Ozeranskaya

Dental hygienist

Marina Sinegub

Dental therapist

Stanislav Gladkov

Dental prosthodontist