Nikolay Nikolayevich Kreskovets

Dr. Kreskovets has significant expertise in prosthetic technology and specializes in esthetic dentistry, including prosthetic treatment on implants in visible areas. He uses Nobel Guide technology in his practice. All this guarantees fast professional care.

About Dr. Kreskovets

What does dentistry mean to me? First of all, it has been my profession for 27 years. Second, it was my conscious life choice to work in the sphere of prosthetic dental care.

A doctor's reputation is very important. I am talking about the quality of services that speaks volumes. I hope this applies to my practice too.

Many of my patients have been with me for many years and now they recommend me to their families and friends. This says a lot about efficiency and quality of my work.

Improvement and professional growth appeal to me. I have learned from the top experts from the USA, Germany, and Brazil and managed to adopt international dentistry standards at Atis Faber Clinic.

I find restoration of perfect teeth to be a noble job because as a result you get happy, healthy, white smiles of your patients. I have spent a lot of time studying the esthetic side of teeth restoration and implantation and attended a number of training courses, including “Smile design and interdisciplinary discourse in esthetic dentistry”, “Esthetics of porcelain fused metal and full-ceramic dentures” and “How to achieve perfect cosmetic result in dentistry”. To complete the last course I had to enter Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry and was given an opportunity to work side by side with world’s top experts. The experience I gained proved to me that cosmetic dentistry evolves really fast. I can be certain when I call Atis Faber a clinic of the future.”

You need to be honest with yourself and your patients. Medical practice endures no misconception.

All reviews

02 Martha 2017

Irina Gubarenko

Don't get me wrong, but I believe the most outstanding vocation is being a doctor. I can't imagine how their minds work, it must be a gift of a sort. We trust them our lives and this ability to take all this responsibility is what I trully admire. I thought Dr. Kreskovets was an amazing specialist! It seemed he could read my mind! Once I left for London after a surgery, though Dr. Kreskovets instructed me not to. Being so far away from home I felt a terrible tooth ache so I called my doctor. While just talking to him, listening to what I should have tried doing to reduce my pain I already felt so much better. It was magic

02 Martha 2017

Vera S. Arefyeva

I am so grateful to Dr. Klinov and Dr. Kreskovets! They are truely oustanding experts. They have given me hope for a healthy life. The entire team is worth mentioning – administrative personnel – Vera and Irina, curator Kristina, anesthesiologist Vladimir. Everybody is so friendly, attentive, well-mannered and goodhearted. This is the face of Atis Faber Clinic. My son's family has been your clients for a while and now I've joined them. We are all so grateful! I am so happy to have found such great specialists. With best regards, Vera Sergeyevna Arefyeva, Moscow.

26 October 2016

Natalya V. Pryakhina

There is a convenient parking lot. Interior design is very inviting. The administrative personnel are so friendly! I am extremely grateful to Dr. Klinov and Dr. Kreskovets! I admire their experience, expertise and personal qualities. I am so happy I found this clinic. Natalya Pryakhina, 67, Snezhinsk

04 December 2015

Mikhail V. Polukhin

They say to live long you need to eat! I am so happy I have this opportunity thanks to Dr. Kreskovets! With warmest regards!

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