Natalya Vladimirovna Ozeranskaya

Dr. Ozeranskaya is a regular member of the award panel of the most prestigious professional skill competition in Russia “Dental Hygienist. Best of Profession”. She is competent in all methods of diagnostics and treatment of periodontal diseases.

About Dr. Ozeranskaya

One of the leading theatre directors in Russia, Konstantin Stanislavski once said, “theatre starts with a cloakroom”, and I want to add “and dentistry starts with oral hygiene” which is so true.

Dentistry is my vocation and oral hygiene is my profile. I work in the sphere since 2004 and I still have a strong feeling that an experienced hygienist is like an artist. A dental curve is my canvas and I have to recreate a natural color a patient desires – white, natural white.

Oral hygiene solve not just medical but esthetic problems. I see how my patients transform after a couple of procedures. At first glace my work can seem effortless, but the fact is it requires a ton of expertise and practice. In the course of my career I have attended 26 professional trainings, workshops and academic conferences where I was both a participant and a lecturer. I am especially proud of being named the best hygienist twice at professional championships. I believe I deserve it since I maintain high level of performance in my every-day practice.

My work at Atis Faber Clinic is yet another step up. I started working here after I was employed at the partner clinic Veladent ever since its foundation. I am not the only one who values the experience I got during all these years. I act as a head of the regional Professional Society for Dental Hygienists and see how specialists of Atis Faber Clinic adopt all the latest technology in the trade. I am so pleased to be one of them.”

Beauty of your smile depends on the state of your teeth.

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