Aram Lenserovich Davidyan

Dr. Davidyan is a brilliant clinician, certified in prosthetic, orthodontic, preventive and surgical dentistry.

By order of the Rector of Yerevan Mkhitar Heratsi State Medical University, for the first time in history of the institution, Aram Lenserovich Davidyan, head doctor of AVRORACLINIC, is conferred an honorary title of visiting Professor of departments of dentistry and periodontics for the outstanding medical achievements and scientific work.

About Dr. Davidyan

Recently I celebrated 20 years of my practice. It's hard to tell what I love most about my profession. I enjoy working with patients helping them realize they can leave behind their fear of treatment, and I value my opportunity to employ state-of-the-art, innovative methods of treatment and prosthetics.

Above all I cherish those moments when we invite a patient for a preventive exam and hear, “Everything is great, thank you so much for that!” This makes me eager to keep my performance on the highest level.

As part of development of scientific base for implantology I published three books – “Atlas for plastic surgery of soft tissues in implantology”, “Elimination of Gingival Recession” and “Mucogingival Surgery. Problems and Solutions”. I have a clear understanding of what it takes for a specialist to gain unique experience and start sharing it with others. When I first met my colleagues at Atis Faber Clinic I realized they were headed in the right direction.

Collaboration with the Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry and mentoring at the representative office of Nobel Biocare became a great contribution to my professional career. While I studies treatment methods at Nobel Biocare I travelled the country and met many doctors. I am so pleased the specialists at Atis Faber Clinic shared my interest in the latest technologies of prosthetics.

Right now I work mostly in Moscow, however, as anyone who feels enthused about the things they do, I feel I have to share my experience and potential for the sake of patients. Many people come to see me from different parts of the country and they all wish to have a perfect smile.”

Having perfect teeth is not a whim. It is a new quality of life.


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