Atis Faber Clinic uses the most advanced and high-tech equipment for diagnostics and treatment. We offer to perform a 10-second 3D diagnostics with Gendex CB-500 cone beam dental scanner.

How is our scanner different?

It saves your time. A scan we get from Gendex CB-500 gives us as much information as 32 spot X-rays or various angle scans would do. This way we can obtain all the necessary data in the course of one visit.
It is safe. X-ray dose strength is 12 times less than you receive from a standard fluorography.
It is reliable. Our scanner guarantees a right diagnosis is established. We keep digitized scans to be able to address them in the course of treatment and to specify a theory.

A diagnostics with Gendex CB-500 CT scanner will produce a fast and comprehensive analysis of the state of your teeth and gums. All the procedures are performed by top experts of Atis Faber Clinic thus ensuring your most urgent dental issues will be resolved meticulously.