Dental prosthetics is aimed at replacement of missing teeth and restoration of dental tissue, structure and function of masticatory system. There are several different approaches to prosthetic treatment. There is micro-prosthetics to deal with cases that require restoration of partially missing tooth crowns and prevention of tooth surface decay. However, this approach could be considered as general dental care. The actual dental prosthetics includes installation of crowns, dental implant posts and full restoration of a missing tooth using advanced technology and techniques for a superior result.

Dr. Nikolay N. Kreskovets perfectly applies a full range of methods and technologies of prosthetics in his esthetic dentistry practice and has valuable experience in metal-free restoration on implant fixtures.

Our specialists emphasize how important prosthetic treatment is in the matter of maintaining your natural teeth and dental arch.

Prosthetic services include the following:

  • Diagnostics and clinical examination.
  • Individual treatment plan.
  • Professional hygiene of oral cavity.
  • General and root canal treatment.
  • Surgical supervision if necessary.
  • Restoration material, methods and technologies picked out by our prosthodontist Nikolay Kreskovets.

According to the standards of Atis Faber Clinic, our doctors keep photographic records to make sure lab technicians and prosthodontist are able to perform their job with maximum precision.

With extensive knowledge of prosthetic technologies and esthetic dentistry Dr. Kreskovets masterfully performs his job. Professional experience he gained at various international trainings in the sphere of dental design, implantology and prosthetics helps the doctor create a beautiful Hollywood smile for every patient.

Atis Faber offers these options of prosthetic treatment:

Fixed restoration

To avoid any side effects and achieve desired results we use crowns with the highest bio comparability in fixed restoration procedures.

Dentures attached to dental implants

Patients adjust faster to dentures that are attached to dental implants while they are more secure than those fixed to the natural teeth.


Micro-prosthetics is a restorative technology used on severely broken teeth, which is more advanced and secure than filling. It is based on dental inlays made based on a tooth impression. This process is carried out under the guidance of our specialists from dental technical lab.

Removable dentures

Dentures that are completely or partially removable are used when there are contraindications for fixed prosthetic restoration. We also offer temporary dentures if a patient is going through a long-term treatment.


Veneers are thin porcelain sheets placed over the anterior surfaces of existing teeth. Veneers give you teeth perfect shape and color without changing their functional properties.

To learn more about the procedure, its requirements and possible contraindications fell free to contact our specialists at Atis Faber dental clinic in Chelyabinsk.