Dental care is a base for prosthetic, orthodontic and periodontal treatment and implantation. It includes tooth caries treatment and dental restoration when implants, bridges and crowns are not required. This way a doctor helps patients keep their natural teeth.

Dr. Olga A. Dostovalova performs dental care procedures in Atis Faber Clinic.

Dr. Dostovalova uses practical and pain-free methods to treat tooth decay and helps improve both health and esthetic state of your teeth.

Doctor also specializes in micro-dental care, which aims at eliminating possible complications.

Dental care includes the following:

  • Tooth caries treatment
  • Pulpitis treatment
  • Treatment of periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontal membrane) and dentigenous cysts
  • Root canal filling

Our doctors seek to help patients keep their own teeth and realize that the natural health comes before all.

At the beginning of the procedure a patient gets local anesthesia. However, you can also choose additional sedation or general anesthesia.

To learn more about the procedure, its requirements and possible contraindications fell free to contact our specialists at Atis Faber dental clinic in Chelyabinsk.