An irregular bite can potentially cause various disorders in the body. Malposition of jaw leads to respiratory impairment, dysphagia (trouble swallowing), impaired speech and facial expression. All these, in turn, could cause diseases of hearing organs, nasopharyngeal cavity, respiratory passages and even gastrointestinal tract.

Dr. Olga A. Dostovalova, a highly qualified orthodontist, treats irregular bite in Atis Faber Clinic.

Using modern equipment and proprietary technology a doctor installs braces on teeth rows of any misalignment to help a patient get a perfect smile in just a year or two. Results that answer the European standards are guaranteed by the immaculate professional experience of Dr. Dostovalova whom Dr. Sadao Sato, an internationally renowned orthodontist, has personally acknowledged as one of the greatest experts in the sphere.

When is a bite considered irregular?

  • There is a malposition of jaw
  • There are gaps between teeth
  • There is teeth inclination inward or outward
  • There are rotated teeth
  • There is misalignment in teeth rows

What can we offer you to treat irregular bite?

  • Vestibular dental braces (attached to the outer side of teeth)
  • Lingual braces (attached to the inner side of teeth)
  • Removable silicon aligners
  • Dental trainers
  • ​Biteplates

Choice of a treatment method depends on each clinical case. Any selected treatment must most effectively address the problem. Even though the procedure takes a while to get results, a patient will still require a supporting system once the braces are removed. As a rule, we prescribe a special tooth tray that you need to wear overnight. More complex cases may require you to wear a retainer – a fixed thin brace that bonds teeth from the inner side. Your doctor evaluates the terms of treatment.

To learn more about the procedure, its requirements and possible contraindications fell free to contact our specialists at Atis Faber dental clinic in Chelyabinsk.