High achievements and advanced technologies to restore your missing teeth

Dental implantation is a widely recognized and the most effective procedure that replaces missing teeth with prosthetic ones, which are anchored to a jaw using a special post implanted into the bone.

Each case in our practice is unique. Success of an operation depends largely on the quality of used materials and experience of the implant surgeon. Atis Faber Clinic offers dental implantation services delivered by top qualification specialists – Dr. Aleksandr N. Klinov and Dr. Aram L. Davidyan.

Atis Faber Clinic is one of the lead clinics in Russia in the sphere of dental implantation. Its high perfomance level is supported by work of nationally acknowledged dental surgeons Dr. Aleksandr N. Klinov and Dr. Aram L. Davidyan.

Being well-respected specialists in the area, they have the necessary competence to perform operations at the European level. Results of their work are marked by high quality and lasting.

What are the stages of dental implantation?

  • Initial exam, diagnostics with a 3D tomographic scanner, selection of the suitable implant.
  • Surgery to anchor an implant into the bone.
  • Dental crown attachment.

Benefits of choosing Atis Faber Clinic for dental implantation:

  • Long-lasting results and affordability. Once the implant is attached you can forget about your artificial tooth.
  • Painless treatment. We use advanced anesthetics to help both patients and doctors to focus on the operation.
  • Cosmetic effect. It is hard to tell the difference between dental implants that we use and natural teeth. They fit perfectly into the dental curve and improve your smile.
  • Easy care. The implant does not require any additional attention from the patient. You can brush it with a regular toothbrush. Besides, your new artificial tooth is as functional as your own ones.

Dental implantation in Atis Faber Clinic

It is reliable.

To achieve the best results our implant surgeons use the latest technologies of 3D testing. This way they can study in detail such important aspects as patient’s jaw structure, distribution of nerves and roots of adjacent teeth. After the initial exam a doctor helps the patient select an implant.

It is pain-free

Although the implantation procedure may be a complex one, we guarantee you will not feel a thing. We choose products for local or general anesthesia individually for every patient depending on the procedure duration, overall health of the patient and treatment characteristics.

It is convenient

We believe full patient follow-up is highly important. Our team at Atis Faber Clinic does everything to make patients feel comfortable during their visits. We explain the details of every treatment stage, try to take the psychological pressure off before the procedure and give support to ensure the patient feels well after the treatment.

To learn more about the procedure, its requirements and possible contraindications fell free to contact our specialists at Atis Faber dental clinic in Chelyabinsk.