Why will you love your veneers?

You will be so surprised to feel how comfortable the ultra-thin porcelain veneers can be. State-of-the-art veneers we make individually for each of our patients at Atis Faber Clinic of advanced care will help you get that perfect smile and protect your teeth.

Ultra-thin veneers to solve ultra-tough problems

Despite being as thin as healthy tooth enamel, porcelain veneers can conceal even obvious dental defects. Application of veneers provides you with elegant row of teeth, charming smile and saves you from feeling concerned about chips, gaps between teeth and stains.

Veneers will serve you as long as you want them to

Veneers are very hard. Just imagine your teeth to be secured for 15 years. Today veneers are an unequalled solution in esthetic dentistry. They do neither change color nor stain but remain white. You will not face any discomfort during regular brushing. Veneers are so practical you can never tell the difference between them and natural teeth.

Our clinic is proud to present best experts at ceramic veneer application – Dr. Olga A. Dostovalova and Dr. Nikolay N. Kreskovets.

Thanks to extensive knowledge of dental orthopedics and prosthetics our specialists are able to perform dental restorations of highest quality and give their patients natural-looking smiles.

Dr. Nikolay Kreskovets has advanced his qualifications in the Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry. He attended a training called “How to achieve a perfect esthetic result in dentistry” based on “Hollywood smile” method and today Dr. Kreskovets is considered a top prosthodontist who practices in Russia.

Dr. Olga Dostovalova demonstrates the same high level of professionalism. She has attended a number of field-specific international forums and conferences including a course called “A Comprehensive Strategy to Create a Smile in Complex Clinical Settings. Ceramic veneers” by Dr. Galip Gurel, President of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Micro-prosthetic treatment by Dr. Dotovalova ensures a superior esthetic result.

Our specialists keep a photographic record of the procedure so you could track every detail of the process and see step-by-step changes in the way your teeth look like. At Atis Faber Clinic we are sure in the quality of the result and we enjoy sharing this feeling with our patients.

When should you consider veneers and lumineers?

  • You have some dental defects like chips or enamel erosion
  • You have gaps between teeth
  • Your teeth changed color or there appeared dark lines on them due to specific food and beverages, smoking or certain medication
  • There are signs of enamel attrition
  • There is a misshapen or crooked tooth
  • You have uneven tooth cutting edges

Benefits of veneers and lumineers:

  • It’s pain-free. Process of application is fast and a patient is locally anesthetized. Veneers are adhered to the surface of your teeth and no other operation is required.
  • It’s secure. Despite being thin veneers serve you as your natural teeth.
  • It’s natural. In the end you get new teeth you could hardly tell apart from your own.
  • It’s custom-made. Your doctor will help you choose the color and shape for your teeth you have always dreamt about.

During an appointment our doctors will advise you which type of dental restoration would be best for you!

To learn more about the procedure, its requirements and possible contraindications fell free to contact our specialists at Atis Faber dental clinic in Chelyabinsk.