02 Martha 2017

Irina Gubarenko

Don't get me wrong, but I believe the most outstanding vocation is being a doctor. I can't imagine how their minds work, it must be a gift of a sort. We trust them our lives and this ability to take all this responsibility is what I trully admire. I thought Dr. Kreskovets was an amazing specialist! It seemed he could read my mind! Once I left for London after a surgery, though Dr. Kreskovets instructed me not to. Being so far away from home I felt a terrible tooth ache so I called my doctor. While just talking to him, listening to what I should have tried doing to reduce my pain I already felt so much better. It was magic

02 Martha 2017

Vera S. Arefyeva

I am so grateful to Dr. Klinov and Dr. Kreskovets! They are truely oustanding experts. They have given me hope for a healthy life. The entire team is worth mentioning – administrative personnel – Vera and Irina, curator Kristina, anesthesiologist Vladimir. Everybody is so friendly, attentive, well-mannered and goodhearted. This is the face of Atis Faber Clinic. My son's family has been your clients for a while and now I've joined them. We are all so grateful! I am so happy to have found such great specialists. With best regards, Vera Sergeyevna Arefyeva, Moscow.

26 October 2016

Natalya V. Pryakhina

There is a convenient parking lot. Interior design is very inviting. The administrative personnel are so friendly! I am extremely grateful to Dr. Klinov and Dr. Kreskovets! I admire their experience, expertise and personal qualities. I am so happy I found this clinic. Natalya Pryakhina, 67, Snezhinsk

23 Martha 2016

Olga L. Chernobylskaya

I am extremely grateful for the top-quality treatment, but I also need to stress how kind and friendly everybody is. I forgot all about the pain! I feel I will not just come here for treatment but return to the affable staff! Best of luck!

09 Martha 2016

Tatyana M. Gerber

I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and cheerful, especially Vera and Kristina. I am very grateful for the service!

06 Martha 2016

Tatyana V. Larkina

Dr. Dostovalova, thank you, thank you so much! Everything was so thought-out and top-quality! You are such an amazing professional! Everybody now wants to know where I got treatment. My best wishes to you!

04 December 2015

Mikhail V. Polukhin

They say to live long you need to eat! I am so happy I have this opportunity thanks to Dr. Kreskovets! With warmest regards!

16 October 2015

Irina V. Korneva

This place is amazing! I am very grateful to everybody who works here. Receptionists Yekaterina and Kristina are very friendly. I fully trust doctors working here plus they are all so good-natured. I am especially grateful to Dr. Klinov and Dr. Kreskovets! They are simply the best! This place is indeed a clinic of advanced dentistry.

16 October 2015

Galina I. Sigai

I am so thanful to Dr. Dostovalova for being so considerate, so responsible, kind and professional! I wish you the best of luck in your work and personal life. With warm regards from our entire family.

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