Foundation of Atis Faber Clinic

Dental Clinic Atis Faber opened its doors in October 2014, though its history started much earlier. Its foundation was based on 15-year experience of dentistry center Veladent.

Opening of Atis Faber made it possible to have the best specialists, advanced technologies and excellent care in one place so that every client could be satisfied with their experience in our clinic.

Premium-class clinic Atis Faber was designed to deliver solutions to all kinds of dental problems and do so with utmost expertise and convenience.

Video presentation

Atis Faber Clinic employs top dental practitioners to restore, correct and enhance your smile:

Aleksandr Klinov

Head doctor, oral surgeon, implant surgeon

Olga Dostovalova

Candidate of Medical Science, dental therapist, prosthodontist, orthodontist, gnathologist

Aram Davidyan

Visiting Professor, implant surgeon, prosthodontist

Natalya Ozeranskaya

Dental hygienist

Marina Sinegub

Dental therapist

Stanislav Gladkov

Dental prosthodontist

Our standards

Atis Faber Clinic has always been defined by its high standards and top quality of service. We aim to deliver the best results for our patients and this requires the use of scientifically tested systems of treatment, most advanced materials, technologies and methods.

In our clinic you will see how dentistry is transformed into art.

Atis Faber Clinic is a place where everything is thought out. Our services are meant to save your time and create utmost comfort during your visits to the clinic.