Dental Implantation in Chelyabinsk

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Here you can feel how dentistry turns into art.

Implantation of teeth is an operation for the installation of a dental implant with subsequent fixation of a crown on it. The implant, like the natural root of the tooth, serves as a reliable support for bone tissue. Everyone who has lost one or more teeth as a result of various injuries, illnesses or tooth decay becomes a candidate for dental implantation.

The advantages of implantation in the Atis Faber clinic:

  • Durability and ergonomics of the result. After the implant is installed, the patient can forget about problems with the artificial tooth.
  • Painless. Our specialists use advanced techniques of anesthesia, allowing the client and the doctor to concentrate on the operation.
  • Aesthetic effect. Dental implants used by the clinic can not be distinguished from natural teeth. They harmoniously fit into the dentition, improving the appearance of the smile.
  • Ease of use. The implant does not require additional attention from the patient. It can be cleaned with an ordinary toothbrush. In addition, the artificial tooth functionally not inferior to ordinary teeth.

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Gnathology is a field of knowledge in dentistry concerning the components of the dental system: temporomandibular joints, chewing muscles, dentition, periodontal, anatomical geometry of the skull base, aesthetics of proportions in the ratio of teeth and face.

Symptoms in which you should consult a gnathologist:

  • Muscle pain in the face, neck and shoulders of uncertain origin
  • Noise in the ears and their frequent pawning
  • Inconvenient closing of teeth after dental surgery
  • Latching in the jaw and joints in the region of the ears
  • Grinding of teeth (bruxism)
  • Persistent headaches

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There are pleasant little things that make our life brighter and dazzling. One of them is a kind, unselfish smile. Let's take care of her together!

Dentists from the clinic of high achievements «Atis Faber» found a solution: veneers to create a beautiful smile and, of course, the reliable protection of your teeth. With their help, you can mask cracks and small chips, darkening of the enamel, as well as minor irregularities in the dentition.

In which cases are veneers and lumineers recommended:

  • The presence of various defects on the teeth (chips, erosion of enamel).
  • The gap between the teeth.
  • Change in color or appearance of dark bands (under the influence of food and drinks, smoking, and also due to taking medication).
  • Rubbing of enamel.
  • Wrong or uneven shape.
  • Incorrect bite (exceptions are complex cases requiring surgical intervention).
  • Incorrect tooth position.

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In modern medical practice, various methods of anesthesia are used. The type of anesthesia depends both on the characteristics of the treatment, and on the characteristics of the patient. The Atis Faber Clinic can offer you a standard local anesthetic and a mild sedation, possibly also anesthesia treatment.
The task of every doctor of our clinic is to protect the patient from stress and pain at each stage of treatment.

Indications for the treatment of teeth under anesthesia?

  • Fear of dental treatment (dentofobia).
  • Traumatic treatment requiring serious surgical intervention, for example, multiple extraction of teeth.
  • Inability to achieve a complete analgesic effect when using local anesthesia.
  • The patient has neurological diseases.
  • Irresistible gag reflex.
  • Performing complex bone and plastic surgery in the oral cavity.
  • Multiple installation of dental implants.

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